Our Vision

Bonald International Corp. Limited dedicates to the Import and Export business through seeking and developing the relationship with the domestic and overseas named suppliers and buyers, from which it is willing to creat the prospects of cooperation mutual development.

There is a huge market capacity of chemical raw materials in China: polyester raw material, plastics raw material, and natural rubber. They are in tremendous demand due to the high-speed economy development of China. Therefore, the trade of the above mentioned material will be thriving during a long period in future.

Our Products

  • P-CHIP: Supplied from Korea, Taiwan, with named supplier: Lili / Sanqiang
  • PTA: Supplied from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, with named supplier as: INDORAMA & TUNTEX.
  •  MEG: Supplied from Taiwan, South Asia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Tailand.
  •  NYLON: Supplied from Korea and Taiwan, with named supplier as: Formasa, ZIG SHENG CHAINYARN
  •  The suppliers of natural rubber are the main rubber manufacturers in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  •  Plastic particles is mained imported from the West-east Asia and Middle-east and then resold to the east and west China.

Our Strength

Bonald International Corp. Limited has its own solid relationship with the overseas suppliers and local traders as well as the local end users. It also has the unique trade finance service chain superior to other trade companies. It endeavors to make the company image to be: Honest, Professional, Efficient, and Modest.